Misha Collins | Asylum 12

As some of you know, a little while ago I organised this little project for Misha. This past weekend I was finally able to present Misha with his award and I’m still a little giddy from it :’)

(in case anyone missed it, here’s a close up of how the award looked)

We had our photo op before autographs, and I wanted the award in the photo so as I went up to him I said “This is a present for you but it’s for later so don’t look at it!”, at which point Misha of course made a point of looking at it and reading what it said. He was grinning and got a little quiet and kept saying “that’s so sweet” and “you’re so sweet” over and over and thanking me.

A few hours later it was time for autographs. As I got up to Misha I said “I have a present for you, you saw a little preview of it earlier” and we opened the box together. When he saw it he got the biggest grin on his face and got all excited like “YESSS I REMEMBER”. He then took the award out of the box and showed it to his handler and said “See! This is what other people say about me!”. He put it back in the box and listened as I explained that it was from the fandom, not just me, for everything he’s done for us and so many others. He stood up and starting walking around the table, which I barely noticed apparently because I was still explaining and I showed him that if he lifted the part of the box that holds the award out, he had a whole bunch of messages to read from the fandom. By this point he was standing right next to me and he just puts his arms out and says “come on, let’s hug it out!”. He gave me a great big hug, and while we were hugging he got a little quiet and said “I don’t deserve this, but thank you”. I argued that he absolutely deserved it, and that he deserves it more than anyone I know. He kept thanking me over and over again and he seemed to not be able to stop smiling. Then as I was leaving he got a little louder again and said “now fuck off!” and gave me that shit eating grin he does when he’s being a little shit, which made me laugh like an idiot, so I turned back to face him again and he was laughing too and we waved goodbye to each other.

I can’t thank everyone who took part in this and helped make it a reality enough! Thank you guys so so much!!!

I’ll be posting the rest of my photos and stories from A12 later, probably when I get the digitals for them, but for now I’ll post the Misha story because a lot of people took part in this and I’m excited to tell you guys how it went :D

All packed up and ready for Asylum 12!!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported and helped out with the award for Misha, I’m so excited to give it to him this weekend :D so this is how it looks and in the bottom right corner is all of your messages that are now inside the presentation box, waiting to be read by Misha :)

also the bottom left is my present for Jared :) super nervous about giving it to him I hope he likes it!

So, that’s the award, and Jared’s present, and my face. Feel free to come say hi if you see me!

Leaving for Birmingham in a couple of hours, I’ll try and be online as much as I can throughout the weekend (although the wifi at the hilton isn’t awesome and you get basically no service in the halls), I’ll mostly be on twitter if any of you wanna see updates of the con :)

Who else will I be seeing at Asylum 12 this weekend?

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- Chris Evans on why he almost didn’t do Captain America (x)