Don’t mind me just having a lot of feels because Sean Clark is just the most precious human in the world omfg. About a week ago, I poked him on facebook out of boredom, and it’s turned into a full blown poke war and it’s so much fun because he’s TRYING SO HARD bless his heart. Like today; I tweeted him earlier saying “it’s cute that you think you stand any chance of winning this poke war ;)” which led to him upping his game by trying to poke me back as quickly as possible, and so for the past hour or so it’s been sudden huge bursts of poking each other back within a second of the other person’s poke and this is so silly why is this making me giggle so much damn you Sean Clark stop being so perfect. It’s a bit ridiculous how happy this whole thing is making me. 

It’s also been decided that I’ll probably end up just standing there poking him next time I see him. Plus, will be finding out if he’s ticklish. Wow this was a long post sorry if you bothered to read all this it’s the dumbest thing I just have a lot of feelings about Clarksnorth.

Here, have a Clarksnorth photo.